Are you leading for Impact?

How could focusing on impact help you do your job better? How could focusing on impact help with your long-term finances? Is focusing on impact the new normal? Is this the time to prioritise impact? What could you do today to get started? Read this guide to find out if you are leading for impact. Download

JET Framework for Northern Ireland

The Journey to EmploymenT (JET) Framework for Northern Ireland is a guide that focuses on outcomes and tools to measure what happens on young people’s journey to employment. Download

JET Pack

The JET Pack is an eight-step guide to measuring and improving your impact based on the Journey to Employment framework. Download

Funders’ Principles and Drivers of Good Impact Practice

This document is about impact practice—the activities that an organisation does to focus on the difference that it makes. Impact practice should not be conflated with grant monitoring and reporting, and while one may contribute to the other, there should be a distinction between their respective purposes and processes. Download

Code of Good Impact Practice

The Code of Good Impact Practice has been developed through a sector-wide public consultation and the input of a working group of 17 organisations and it provides broad, agreed guidelines for focusing on impact. Download