Clanmil Housing Association

Inspiring Impact Stories: Clanmil Housing Association

In this vlog Brendan Morrissey of the Clanmil Housing Association is talking about the Independent Living Housing Modernisation Pilot Project.


The project was developed as part of Clanmil’s ‘Spend Wisely, Spend Well, Spend Less’ programme and tested a new approach to service delivery in four independent living schemes in the Antrim area.


Evaluations Northern Ireland CENI

Learn more about our most recent evaluation work

Recent commissions saw us work with Clanmil Housing Association to evaluate a pilot project with sheltered housing schemes in the Antrim area. 


Also in the housing arena, we are in the process of developing an evaluation framework for the Housing Associations Integration Project (HAIP).


Another current project involves reviewing cultural and community grants for Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.


We are also evaluating a number of projects for the Department for Communities, including Phase 2 of the Women in Community Transformation Programme and a lawfulness pilot project by DFC’s Voluntary & Community Division Fresh Start Team.