Starting with ‘Why?’

Here,  Andrew Steenson of Belfast Health Development Unit and Nicola McIldoon of CENI reflect on the importance of starting by asking Why? Download

A creative approach to evaluation

Patricia Donald of Advice NI and Nicola McIldoon of CENI reflect on how they identified common measures across three projects. Download


Doing data differently

Jonny Donaghy and Michael McCafferty of Causeway Coast and Glens Policing and Community Safety Partnership, and Brenda Kent of CENI reflect on how a different approach brought benefits. Download

Using what’s already there

In this paper Julie Meredith of Cats Protection and Nicola McIldoon of CENI consider how they made the most of available data. Download


Collecting sensitive data

Marie Goss of Brain Injury Matters and Nicola McIldoon of CENI contemplate how they gathered useful data in ways sensitive to the circumstances of participants. Download


Going back before you go forward

In this paper Elma Greer of the Belfast Health Development Unit and Nicola McIldoon of CENI reflect on the benefits of taking a step back. Download