Preparation is everything! Planning for impact, thinking about the outcomes you want to achieve from the start, increases the likelihood of making a difference.  


Community Evaluation NI (CENI) works with you, your team, your users, funders and whoever else you need to involve, to create outcomes-based plans and develop monitoring and evaluation systems that make sense.


We can help with all of the elements of the process:


  • Selecting the best approach for you (logic modelling, Outcomes Based Accountability, a theory of change or other model)
  • Identifying who to involve, when and how
  • Translating existing plans, funding agreements,contracts and projects into a new outcomes-focused plan
  • Streamlining data collection and reporting against the plan
  • Linking your plan to other organisational processes including job design, reporting to funders and public benefit reporting


If you want to discuss how we can help, please contact us.