Hackathon CENI Brenda Kent presentation

Carnegie UK Trust as part of its Embedding Wellbeing in Northern Ireland project organized in partnership with Stratagem NI, Hackathon. The event brought together Community Planning, data and communications colleagues from the 11 councils and statutory partners, to discuss all things data and communication with some research, UK wide approaches, best practice and storytelling thrown in for good measure.

At CENI we are excited we had the opportunity to be part of this effort. Our Evaluation Consultant & Learning Facilitator, Brenda Kent talked about different ways to tell the story of change or progress. Through an engaging example of storytelling via a space odyssey, Brenda reminded us that we need to make audiences care by telling stories about people– personal, autographical, articles and interviews, vlogs, blogs and letters, composite characterisation or even graphic novels – all have the power bring meaning to long journeys to far off goals by reminding us that we engage with stories for the journey as well as the outcome.

Brenda is also a panel member of the Embedding Wellbeing in Northern Ireland project.


To find out more about the project and the Hackathon event click here.


If you need support in telling your stories, contact Brenda Kent.