Elevate Project

Elevate Programme CENI PHA CDHN

The last few months found us working with Community Development Health Network (CDHN) on the Elevate project. We are also creating performance measures for the Personal & Public Involvement (PPI) transformation funding and recommending ways to evidence co-production in the future. 

Community Evaluation NI (CENI) is the evaluation partner working with Community Development Health Network (CDHN) on the Elevate project.  CDHN recently won the Public Health Agency (PHA) contract to deliver Elevate, the Community Development Capacity Building Programme.


The Elevate programme has four core elements:


      • Establish and host an online Community Development Portal which will provide core information, fact sheets, resources, toolkits and training opportunities.


      • Develop and deliver a Community Development curriculum which is relevant, accessible and evidence based.


      • Develop and refine the draft framework for the outcomes of community development and evaluate the Elevate programme itself.


      • Build sustainable resilient communities through positive collaboration mentoring of organisations/groups via the development of a community mentorship programme.


The programme is for one year and will have a strong emphasis on skills development. This will be delivered in three main ways – through the provision of on line and interactive training on the Elevate Portal; through the delivery of face to face training on four different occasions in each Trust area over the course of the year; and through the delivery of the mentoring programme which will see five local organisations in each Trust area receive one to one and peer support opportunities to enhance their practice.


CENI is working along with CDHN on a mapping and training needs analysis, development of mentoring and training programmes, development of an online Community Development Practice assessment tool and the redesign of the Community Development Outcomes Framework.