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Welcome to the Community Evaluation NI (CENI) website. After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website. Our goal is to provide our visitors with an easier way to learn about CENI’s mission, vision, services and our role as an independent champion that innovates and promotes good impact practice.

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We are closing

There is a bittersweet air in the office today as I write that Community Evaluation NI is ceasing to exist as a going concern; in short, we’re shutting up shop.  We have reserves, and a committed staff team; we have a great reputation and a sterling history – so why I hear you ask make this move?


Our team prides itself on strong strategic thinking; horizon scanning, deep reflection and future planning have helped us steer a successful course for over a quarter of a century.  Our work has helped charities big and small evaluate their successes, measure their impact and articulate their unique contribution to society.  And peering into that horizon, we see big changes for N. Irish charities.  Brexit has brought uncertainty; with wages stagnating where jobs are saved, people have less to give.  Charities are reluctant to invest hard earned reserves when free tools can get them part way there and our training gets them across the line. Increased competition for funding, tenders, and business is driving down the market cost for consultants, while overheads rise. 


There is good news though.  From 1992, CENI has worked with hundreds of charities as well as public sector departments to better align public policy and social need.  We’ve created an archive of meaningful resources, freely available online, to help charities self-evaluate and improve their impact practice.  We’ve managed UK wide partnerships and NI wide training programmes.  We’ve led on multi-million bids to enhance governance infrastructure in N. Ireland, and proudly helped charities leverage additional investment against community identified needs.


Grassroots movements are revitalising the sector.  We’ve taken hope from projects such as Participation and Practice of Human Rights; their campaign to challenge homelessness in N. Ireland is ambitious but achievable.  The work of ACSONI in promoting diversity; of thrive in growing audiences and of CDHN in tackling health inequalities, utilises cutting edge theories of impact practice. And to have been part of that, is one of our greatest success stories.


AGM – Invite for CENI members

All of our members are cordially invited to CENI’s next Annual General Meeting which will be held on Wednesday October 2nd at 2pm at CENI.


If you wish to attend the AGM, please RSVP by September 27th by emailing or by telephoning 028 9024 8005.


CENI members have a right to appoint a proxy to attend the AGM and vote on their behalf. If you wish to do this, we require notice in writing, to include your name, the name of the person appointed as your proxy and confirmation that you wish the individual to act in this capacity.  This information must be provided to us at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the AGM.


Members can also contact us to require the Agenda for the AGM and the Minutes from last year’s AGM.

Rainbow Project

Inspiring Impact Stories: Rainbow Project

The Rainbow Project is the largest LGB&T organisation in Northern Ireland.


Gavin Boyd, the Policy and Advocacy Manager of the organisation, is explaining in this vlog why focusing on outcomes and evaluating your work has to be the  norm for charities. 

Transgender NI

Inspiring Impact Stories: Transgender NI

Watch our latest vlog with Alexa Moore  the Director of Transgender NI!

Transgender NI is a not-for-profit organisation and it is the only trans community venue across the UK & Ireland. The orgnaisation is dedicated to improving the lives of trans people across Northern Ireland, focusing on legal reform, strategic policy, community resources and creating lasting change.


Clanmil Housing Association

Inspiring Impact Stories: Clanmil Housing Association

In this vlog Brendan Morrissey of the Clanmil Housing Association is talking about the Independent Living Housing Modernisation Pilot Project.


The project was developed as part of Clanmil’s ‘Spend Wisely, Spend Well, Spend Less’ programme and tested a new approach to service delivery in four independent living schemes in the Antrim area.